The Only General Headquarters in China

Since ancient times, Nan’ao has been an important gateway for coastal defense due to its special geographical position. Today, the former Nan’ao General Headquarters,the Xiongzhen Pass, the Changshanwei Gun Battery and other military facilities are still preserved on the island. The Xiongzhen Pass in Nan’ao County is a mountain pa... Continue reading

Vegetarians’ heaven

  Chaozhou vegetable is one of the top three dishes in Guangdong, and they are in meet shape, vegetable nature and have meet names. Chaozhou Kaiyuan Lianhua Vegetable reataurant is located in Kaiyuan Square, it’s vegetable is authentic and popular in Chaozhou city. When entering into the restaurant, you can see this caution: Bring w... Continue reading

Chaozhou, “eating machine”‘s heaven

Someone says, Chaozhou is an ancient city in cultural atmosphere. Humanity and scenery are suitable for a painting. The long developement history makes Chaozhou‘s delicacies full of humanistic connotations and  local characteristics. Chaozhou snack was originated among the people. It’s one of the eight snack factions in China. Chaozho... Continue reading