Five fairy Taoist temple and the biggest bell of Lingnan

Five fairy Taoist temple is located in Hui Fu Xi Lu of the center of Guangzhou. is the historical markers of that Guangzhou has been founded 2000 years. There is a big bell that people can hear the ring from ten miles away if someone knock on it. It’s over 3 meters hight, and it’s aperture is over 2 meters. It’s 3 inches thick a... Continue reading

To Visit The Largest Tianhou Palace In March

Tian Hou or Tianhou (literally “Heavenly Empress” or “Heavenly Queen”); Tin Hau in Cantonese. According to an introduction, there are almost 5,000 Tianhou Palace all around the world. About 200 million people embrace Mazu Temple. And the largest Tianhou Palace is in Nansha Guangzhou. Mazu also spelt Matsu, is the indigenou... Continue reading

Traditional Snacks In Xiguan

Have you ever came to Guangzhou? Do you know where you can find the delicious food there? And do you know how to call them? Did you ever have a difficulty on ordering?  Here i am going to introduce the common but delicious foods in Xiguan Guangzhou for you. Cold fish skin     Fish ball Beef Offal in Stock Roasted Goose Water-chestnut C... Continue reading

Flower City, Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital and the sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province in the southern part of the People’s Republic of China. The city is also known by an older English-language name, Canton. It is a port on the Pearl River, navigable to the South Chiana Sea, and is located about 120km north-west of Hong Kong. As of the 2000 census, the... Continue reading