Mount Putuo

Putuo Mountain, one of the Four Holy Buddhist Mountains, covers an area of 12.5 square kilometers is located in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province. The highest peak, the Fudingshan Mountain is 300 meters high above the sea level. Temples, monasteries, nunneries are spread all over  the  mountain. According  to  the  annals  of  Putuo Mountain, after the construction of “Unwilling-to-go” Guanyin Temple, people began to build up temples in large scales. The remained ten ancient architecture complex and historical sights were built in Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing. Putuo Mountain once had 82 temples, 128 huts, accommodating 4,000 monk and nuns at its heyday. When you walk on the paths, you probably can come across monks in kasaya. The glorious sceneries as well as the glamour concerned with Buddhism make it a sacred mountain.

Ships to Putuoshan from day to night

Sunset, the sky appears light red.

The famous twelve sceneries in Putuo Mountain are Lian Yang Wu Du, Duan Gu Sheng Ji, Mei Wan Chun Xiao, Pan Tuo Xi Zhao, Lian Chi Ye Yue, Fa Hua Ling Cave, Ancient Cave and the Tide, Zhao Yang Yong Ri, Thousand Pace Golden Beach, Guang Xi Xue Ji, Cha Shan Su Wu and Tian Men Qing Fan.

Once you get out of the wharf, you will see this iconic door, four words “普陀聖境” were written on the plaque.

There are not only many buddhist temples here, but also many old trees that over a hundred years old.

Haiyin pond in front of the Puji Temple, also called “Free Life Pond”, “Lotus pond”. It was the pond that buddhist believers to free animals, and later planted lotus in it, that it was to called “Lotus pond”.

Lotus bloom in summer, scenery looks more beautiful  in the old trees, kiosk, and arch bridge backed.

Dingxiangting in the middle of the pond

Buddhist museum in the distance

Duobao tower is one of the three preciousnesses of Putuo shan.

Puji Temple, Fayu Temple, and Huiji Temple are the three largest in the twenty temples in Putuo. Puji Temple, covering 11,000 square meters, was first built in Song Dynasty, and is the main temple devoted to the Goddess of Guanxin. Fayu Temple was first built in Ming. It sits along the mountain with different layers on it. Numerous large trees stand in the mountain, qualify the temple for a quiet and deep place. Huiji Temple is on the Foding Peak, so gets a name after that, Foding Peak Temple.

The front temple in Putuo shan–Puji temple

The dragon head is impresive

It’s not yet 7:00am, many people have already burning incense and worship the gods.

Audience hall can include thousands of people.

Putuoshan is extending in all directions, there are many footpaths, you can avoid the crowd.

It’s quiet  inside the palace hall.

This little monk looks free and easy.

There are many stone carving mural in the courtyard.

Move into the purple bamboo forest scenic spot, then you can see Kwan-yin far away.

South Sea Kwan-yin was built in 1997, it’s 18 meters high, it’s the top of the world of Kwan-yin bronze statue.

They are as natural as though they were living.

It looks fun.

Sleeping Buddha on the sea

The waves dashed against the rocks.

People were picking shells on the beach.

Shops are standing on the old street.

Monk shoes were sold at expressly marked price.

monk’s clothing that made from fibre and cotton.

A craftsman was carving.

This was a corner of a restaurant, shopkeeper not only sold foods and drinks, but also sold handwrote heart sutra.

This is a haven finished Prajnaparamita Sutra.

The island is also rich in vegetation and a profusion of forests, all flourishing in the warm and humid climate. Under such an environment, a stroll around the mountain or an immobile day at the beach are equally attractive.
Putuo Mountain has gained widespread fame home and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia. It has been a famous tourist attraction for its mystery and holiness.
Putuo Mountain Address: No. 115 Meiling Road, Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. Admission fee: RMB 140 in dead season

CNY160 in peak season

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Transportation: you can take special bus to get to there


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